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Animals have a Safe Haven at DrFarm because of the generosity of a small Devoted Volunteer staff & the Donations from Supporters who know how Important they are to the organization's Success. 


Divided We Have Fallen

All things considered Humanity owes it's History to animals like Horses. Now that humans are a Century beyond needing them Daily, Isn't it time to give back more than continued Exploitation? For more information on the Horse Industry, go to

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Together we can bring Unity to a damaged Industry that needs to Step-up to modern standards of Humane Practices - for the enitire Life of Animals - wether or not  they are capable of Humoring Humans. United We Stand, Divided We Fall. Let's Join Together Now to Stand Tall for Animals in America!

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The DrFarm staff is comprised of Volunteers who work tirelessly to provide for the animals the charity cares for. Because the list of chores is lengthy and focus is necessary when they are tending the farm, Visitation is by Appointment Only so Guests & Animals can both have an Enjoyable Experience. 

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